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Contract magazine and Healthcare Design magazine are eager to receive product submissions to The Nightingale Awards 2018 Product Competition.

Paul Makovsky, Editor-in-Chief, Contract magazine

Jennifer Silvis, Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare Design magazine

Eileen McMorrow, Director, The Nightingale Awards

The Nightingale Awards are presented by Contract magazine and Healthcare Design magazine in partnership with The Center for Health Design and the HEALTHCARE DESIGN EXPO + CONFERENCE. This competition is open only to companies that are exhibitors during the HEALTHCARE DESIGN EXPO + CONFERENCE, November 10-13, 2018, at the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona. 

Entry Deadline:  October 22, 2018

The Nightingale Awards offer 16 Healthcare Products Categories

  • Architectural Products: Clinical

  • Architectural Products: Non-Clinical

  • Carpet

  • Fabrics & Textiles

  • Flooring: Hard-Surface

  • Flooring: Resilient

  • Furniture Collections (Non-Seating)

  • Furniture: Clinician Support

  • Lighting

  • Seating: Conference

  • Seating: Guest/Lounge

  • Seating: Patient

  • Signage & Wayfinding

  • Surfacing Materials/Finishes

  • Technology-Integrated Solutions

  • Window Shading & Treatments

How to Enter

 All entries will be submittied digitally. 

Create a login (record your password) that will save all your entry information. 

Once you create a login, you can begin uploading your entry info. You will be able to save it and come back later to finish the process if necessary. Once you create a login, you will arrive on Part 1 of the entry form—the Rules Page. You will be required to certify that you have read and understood the rules document before receiving access to the entry form.

Part 1: Read and certify the rules page. 

Part 2: Upload the product description according to the judging criteria provided.

Part 3: Upload a minimum of two and up to three low-resolution and high-resolution images.  

Step 4: Pay for the entry.

Entry fees are $475 for each entry. There is a maximum of 4 entries allowed per entrant. Payment is accepted through PayPal or with a credit/debit card. Once you have finished uploading your entry, you will be asked for payment. It's the last step in the entry process. Once you submit payment, your entry is complete. You will receive an email confirmation and a payment statement will be emailed separately.   


To learn of the winners, Nightingale Awards Entrants should plan to attend The Center for Health Design Awards, The Nightingale Awards & Changemaker Keynote Presentation in the Ballroom TBA in the  Phoenix Convention Center on Monday, November 12, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.  Products also will be featured in the Contract December 2018 issue, and Healthcare Design magazines in December 2018 and February 2019, and in The Center for Health Design Awards' promotions and notices.

The Nightingale Awards team will answer any questions posted to: nightingaleawards@gmail.com;  or call 973.509.7277 to reach Eileen McMorrow, Director, The Nightingale Awards.

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